Bonnie Myah Wallace

  • May you remember the place within 
  • that is filled with joy.

Bonnie's Story

Bonnie became the owner of JOYasanAH, LLC in June of 2018.

She is an ERYT - 200 and Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider, with over 500 hours of combined yoga/fitness training as well as 13 years experience teaching group fitness and yoga.  Bonnie uses her experience as a music therapist to carefully craft her class playlists for a healing environment. Bonnie is a Reiki Master and energy medicine worker through the Munay-ki shamanic rites.  She is the creator of Renew Body Sequence, a healing pattern of movement for students of all ability levels to safely advance their practice and feel completely alive in their bodies. Bonnie offers multiple yoga and aerial yoga classes per week as well as workshops, trainings, reiki sessions, numerology readings and private yoga classes on site. Bonnie's classes are a balance of physical body alignment and spiritual awareness. She is also a Hospice Music Therapist and mom to four growing boys.


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“I have been taking classes with Bonnie for close to 8yrs. I love her classes. Bonnie's upbeat, positive energy and attitude are infectious. No matter what type of day I've had or what kind of mood I am in when I arrive at her class, I always leave with renewed energy
and a positive attitude."
~ Jen, Yoga Teacher and Student
“My work week can be long and extremely stressful and taxing on my creativity, and then Friday comes and I get to look forward to Bonnie's "Happy Hour" class.  I can let go of (all) that has happened during the week with a wonderful supportive community of woman all with the same goal of health and well being. It is Bonnie's heart and soul that makes this class more nurturing then your average workout. Spiritually and physically I am a better person when I leave then when I arrived.”
~ Robyn, Student

"Bonnie's class ends my week and starts my weekend perfectly.  You’re relieved of stress, breathe in calmness and openness, and stretch in celebration of yourself and your body.  This helps prepare you to deal with whatever may come your way.  Our group has become a sisterhood; a safe haven for us to share life issues and experiences and to grow with one another in mind, body, and spirit."

~ Tina, Student

"(Class) was incredible! Bonnie was helpful, and happy, everything you would expect an instructor to be. I absolutely loved the incorporation of dance into the class. It gave yoga a whole new level of joy! I loved how she gave some background on yoga, as well as asking us to make our experience joyful, and to bring our joy with us after class... I am still ecstatic! I sweat, laughed, and had a fantastic time with like minded people!  I have been looking for a good yoga program.... I found it...  Thank you so much!"

~ Amber, Student


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