Renew Body Sequence TM is a

yoga based movement program with one major goal --

to guide you through a process of self-healing so that YOU can empower yourself to reach maximum states of health and happiness. Through a specific sequence of embodied physical practices and guided meditations, this proven program will support you in shedding layers of tension that come with being human and living in the world we live in today, which will guide you to deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance so that you can love and embrace yourself fully. 

RBS can be modified at a higher intensity level,

adding thirty minutes of cardio dance

with simple, diverse and super-fun choreography

right in the middle of the sequence.

Bonnie combined her training as a Board Certified Music Therapist, fitness instructor, and energy worker to create this practice which truly helps people to feel alive. There are 13 Phases to RBS, and you can watch a short demo of Phases 0 - 9 in these two videos below. Or, better yet, take a class or schedule a 1:1 session to try it yourself!

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