"B" Outside the Box

May 28, 2016

Hi everyone!  My name is Bonne and as you can see some of my friends have called me "B" or "B2B" and that's where the name of my blog starts.  I'm sooooo incredibly happy that you are taking the time to step outside the box with me into the unknown.  Who knows where this blog will lead?  Who knows the beautiful connections that we will make?  I feel like I've been sitting on the edge of the nest waiting to jump for quite some time, and this is it for me.  I channeled this first blog post as I was driving to southern Maine for my photo shoot.  I felt called to share me reason for starting my website and blog and so I took out my iPhone and just began talking.  Here is what came out of me that day:


I reflect the love, light, health, wealth and joy that is your true nature and your Divine birthright.  It's in everyone who believes as your thoughts create your reality.  If you have thoughts that contradict this, you are creating an illusive reality that is not based on your truth.  When you remember the truth and you begin shifting your thoughts to thoughts that are in line with the truth, you will see how your reality reflects that we are love, light, health, wealth and joy abundantly.  I have come here into this body with a group of souls called "The Indigos".  The Indigos are the truth tellers and we have come to shift out of a culture that is based on lies into a culture that is based on truth. If you want to learn more about the Indigos you can click HERE


When I look around at the current state of the world I see how much the lies perpetuate an illusion of division.  We are told that we are divided into groups.  We are black or white.  We are conservative or liberal.  We are good or bad.  We are gay or straight.  We are Democrat or Republication.  We are right or wrong.  This is the illusion that is perpetuated by the media and Western culture in general, but this is not the truth.  The truth is that we are not labels.  We are human.  We are whole.  And we are all connected.  There is no separation in spiritual reality.  We are light beings, but each of us creates a shadow, and so we are all both light and dark.  We are all that is.  When we see others as different from us, we miss the chance to realize that others are actually reflecting our own self. 


I am here to share my perspective which is definitely outside the box.  It is outside the box of what people think is the truth.  Unfortunately, what some people think is the truth is distorted by the media.  The Indigos are here to change this perspective and to help people realize their true divine nature.  I have never been able to sit in a room and listen to someone tell me something that I knew was untrue and be comfortable with it.  For me, hearing lies presented as the truth is the ultimate discomfort. 


I have never been able to fit myself into a box that could be called normal.  What I have always exceled at is thinking outside the box and seeing things from a very unique perspective.  I try to imagine what God would see through God's eyes.  I don't think that God would see our division.  I don't think that God would pick a side.  God loves each of us.  God does not view us as one side of a polarized coin.  He views each of us as simply beautiful.  I'm not saying that I'm able to do this all the time in every situation, but it is what I strive to do.  I feel called to share my thoughts with you so that we can begin to see each other in our truth, not the illusion that we are perpetuating through our ego selves. 


About three years ago, I had this image of myself coming out of the box and sharing my thoughts in a blog.  At that time, my ego held me back, telling me that no one would want to read this blog or that people will not understand what I have to say or that people will make fun of me.  All of these things could be true or they could be part of the illusion.  Little signs from the Universe kept pointing me in the direction of sharing my perspective through writing so that others could benefit.  Finally, my inner voice could no longer be squelched by my fear.


So if you are an Indigo child or a Crystal child or a Rainbow child and you feel like the whole world is a box that you don't fit inside of, then this blog is for you.  If you feel like the world makes absolutely no sense at all but you know that there must be a deeper meaning to everything, then this blog is for you.  If you are sick and tired of everything being divided into polarized groups, then this blog is for you.  If you are done looking at your body and telling yourself what is wrong with you, then this blog is for you.  If you just want to reach your arms around the whole world and give it a hug and offer it healing, then this blog is for you.  If you feel like there must be more to living then just showing up and going through the motions, then this blog is for you.  If you're searching for bigger meaning or if you want to connect with people who are on a similar path, then this blog is for you.  Sending each person that reads this so much love and light and joy and health.  Namaste.


PS - I had to overcome some major fears to take this picture and share it with you.  I hope it inspires you to overcome some fear you might be having in your life today by taking a small or a big step outside the box!



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