Peace is an inside job.

July 11, 2016

If you've been paying attention to the news at all this week, you are most likely hoping for things to somehow get better.  I mean, there must be a way for things to get better than this, right?  But how?  How do we create more peace in a world that "seems" so violent?  How do we advocate for peace without coming from a place of rage or righteousness or more violence?  This is a really, really challenging question.  It's so easy to become outraged when we see people hurting other people and it makes no sense at all to us.  For those of us who are a highly sensitive or empathic people, we literally feel the hurt that others are feeling.  So how can we create a better world that "seems" more peaceful?


Well, I am sorry to say that I don't know the answers for certain, because I'm just an everyday person like you, trying to make sense of it all myself.  Yet, I know that I have spent years trying to answer these questions for myself.  Like I mentioned, I am a highly sensitive person and so any hatred or violence that I've seen throughout my life has always confused and upset me - even within my own family.  Watching my young boys hurt each other over arguments has been so hard for me to understand, especially growing up without siblings.  If you had the opportunity to grow up with siblings, you most likely fought with them at some point, possibly even physically.  I'm sure you screamed at them at one time or another and said things to hurt each other's feelings.  This was all so foreign to me, and honestly it's been a huge challenge for me to know what to do about it.  As their mother, I've spent hours, days, months, years, praying for ways to change them.  But in the end, what I have learned, is that the only person I can change is myself.  It seems as though if I want peace in my home, I have to find peace in myself.  And if I want peace in the world, I need to work on my home first.  And so, I have spent the last ten years on an inward journey to make peace.  With me.


These recent events have shaken all of us.  We all want to make things better.  At least, I hope that's what we all want.  The problems we are looking at appear too large for "little 'ol me" (or you) to have an impact.  But, I truly believe that we do.  And I think that one of the most powerful ways that we can create more peace is by noticing the peace that is within us.  We are peace.  We are.  It's that simple.  It's our divine nature.  The distractions of the world take us out of that state.  And so, I made a list to remind myself of the moments that bring me back to that state, and the moments that take me out of it.  So that I can consciously choose to create more peace within myself.  Because I have experienced that when I am at peace, the people around me feel more at peace, and that just makes more peace on earth.  The opposite is also true.  It seems small and insignificant, but I can tell you... It's not.  That is the ego's voice.  Your internal peace has a massive impact on the world.


This is what I have noticed, and I would LOVE it if you would share your answers to these questions too!  Comment below!  When do you feel more at peace?  When do you feel less at peace?


Peace is an inside job.  (c) Bonnie Myah Wallace 2016


I feel more at peace when I am practicing yoga.

I feel less at peace when I am watching television.


I feel more at peace when I am looking in someone's eyes and truly hearing them speak.

I feel less at peace when I am judging them from a distance.


I feel more at peace when I am getting or giving a hug.

I feel less at peace when I am making up a story in my head about a situation.


I feel more at peace when I speak up and ask questions or set boundaries.

I feel less at peace when I say nothing to the person I am upset with or feel hurt by.


I feel more at peace when I am dancing.

I feel less at peace when I am on facebook. (And damn it's so addictive!)


I feel more at peace when I am praying.

I feel less at peace when I am yelling.


I feel more at peace when I am watching my kids be kind to each other - through a hug, a helping hand, truly listening to each other, or sharing.

I fell less at peace when I see my kids hurt each other.  (Imagine how the One who created us feels when we hurt each other...)


I feel more at peace outdoors in the sun, the rain, the snow, by a lake, in the woods or at the ocean.

I feel less at peace in my messy home.  (Four boys can get really messy.)


I feel more at peace when I forgive myself.

I feel less at peace when I shame myself.


I feel more at peace when I'm singing or listening to uplifting music.

I feel less at peace when I hear song lyrics about guns, shooting or violence.


I feel more at peace when I take care of myself, though healthy habits and lifestyle.

I feel less at peace when I ignore my body's needs.


I feel more at peace when I am smiling, laughing or watching my kids feel joy.

I feel less at peace when I worry.


I feel more at peace when I remember that I am peace.  And you are too.

Let's remember that we are the peacekeepers of our time.

We are in this together.

Peace is an inside job.



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