On a good day...

August 1, 2016

Do you ever look back on your days and wonder why some are better than others?  I know I do.  I mean, I totally believe that some things are left up to fate, but I also believe that we are in a relationship with the universe at all times.  Our thoughts and actions create our energy field (which you can learn more about from Dr. Bruce Lipton here.) The energy that we have created with our thoughts and actions attracts similar energy so that we are bringing people and situations into our lives that resonate at a similar frequency to where we are at.  Great spiritual teachers like Abraham, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay are all teaching us this.  When we are feeling challenged by life's circumstances, it's hard to understand why this could be happening.  For me, I choose to believe that there is some growth that my soul is experiencing so that I will hopefully be able to someday take away the suffering of another soul -- through my own suffering. Even though this thought might be a far reach for some, we can at least agree that we are learning at all times, if we stay open to it.  Mike Dooley, author of Notes From the Universe says that, "You teach best what you need to learn most."  So the lesson that I have been working on recently is what makes a good day -- for me.  Here is what I have found...


On a Good Day (c) Bonnie Myah Wallace 2016


On a good day, I wake up before my kids.

On a good day, I commit to my morning movement practice on my yoga mat.

On a good day, I chant.  It might just be the sound 'om' or it could be 'lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu' or a handful of mantras that I feel drawn to, but I chant.

On a good day, I offer love and gratitude to everything I encounter as I wake up - my bed, my pillow, my husband next to me, the floor, the roof over our heads, my closet, the clothes inside of it, and I keep going until I loose my focus.

On a good day, I come back to gratitude when I feel flustered or aggravated by situations or people.  I look for the silver lining, and if I can't find it, I trust that it's there.

On a good day, I write in my journal or write a blog or write something that gives life to my voice, sometimes its only on a scrap of paper or in my notes app.

On a good day, I connect with one or more of my amazing friends.  On a really good day, we do something fun together.

On a good day, I witness my kids both happy and kind.

On a good day, I get hugs and kisses from all four of my kids and my husband.

On a good day, I hear from my parents just to know that they are doing well.

On a good day, I read some spiritual literature to fill my soul. 

On a good day, I use my young living essential oils to balance my mood and energy.

On a good day, I take my time to enjoy my breakfast.  I sip my green tea slowly.  I take my vitamins and supplements.  I have a green juice or a protein meal. 

On a good day, I walk outside early in the morning barefoot in order to connect with the earth energy and reduce the EMFs in my energy field.

On a good day, I make all of my kids' breakfasts and make sure their bags are packed and we get out the door on time.

On a good day, I listen to uplifting music.  On a really good day, I dance to it.

On a good day, I choose an affirmation to focus on.  If a specific one is not calling to me I simply say, "All is well. I am safe.  Life loves me."  Louise Hay taught me those.

On a good day, I ask the universe, "How can I serve best?" On a really good day, I see how I was able to serve.

On a good day,  I remember that every day does not have to be a good day.  I can start over at any time. 


So, what about you, my friends?  What makes a good day for you?  I'm guessing that each one of us has our own unique "recipe" for a good day.  Take my friend, Maria.  I'm pretty sure her good days include good sex.  Or take my friend, Denyse.  Her good days include painting. And Dave's good days probably include time on the water.  I don't think one person's good day is better than another, mine included.  It is, however, really helpful to look back on your good days and get clear about what made them good.  Or even just your good moments - the ones where you felt like you were "on," like you were making choices that were in your best interest.  What made up those moments?  Can you write them down?  I'd love to hear what you got... Send me a note or comment below.  In the meantime, I hope it's a good day!

<3 Bonnie XO


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