5 Steps to Changing Habits that Get in our Way of Success

October 13, 2016


I'm pretty excited to share this YouTube video as part of my blog today.  It is actually my third YouTube video, and although it's short, it has big meaning.  I have been doing a ton of research on public speaking and creating on-line video courses.  All of this research has been so that I can soon be sharing my expertice via on-line videos and webinars.  This video was an assignment for one of my on-line video courses.  We were asked to create a two minute video solving a problem for the folks that we want to reach out to. 


So.... I thought long and hard about YOU!!! The people who I want to reach out to!! I thought about the students who have been taking my classes and the people who have maintained contact with me over the years.  What do these people have in common, I asked myself?  Well, I think you join me as being the #loversanddreamers of the world.  You love big.  You dream big.  So do I.  That is what unites us. 


I also thought about conversation's we've had and what problem's you might want support in solving.  I know that you have reflected about your own self-development, and you might notice habits that you have that you want to change.  Most people will agree that we are our own worst critics, however.  So, I created this video to support you in changing habits that you might feel called to shift. 


What's exiting about this video is that it is the third one that I have made.  The first was of me singing and playing the guitar with my children.  The second was of me dancing, and this one is of me speaking!  So I have now completed one video in each of the areas that I am a leader - a music therapist, a yoga/dance instructor, and a motivational speaker!  It's like the foundation for all of my future videos.  I'm really happy that you get to check it out! Please let me know if you find it helpful!  Much love to you, #loversanddreamers.  Thank you for joining me on this journey!!!

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