What is success?

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you do, you'll be successful. Tyga (Quote from Brainy Quotes)


On Sunday, I had the joy of meeting some wonderful new friends and reconnecting with great friends at the DiscoverYou Wellness Expo in Warwick, RI.  My yoga trainer, Victoria Haffer, co-facilitated this wonderful event with Susan Lataille.  I took a leap of faith and decided to host a booth at the expo.  This is the *first time* I have ever hosted a booth as Renew Body Sequence (TM).  Eight-nine years ago, I co-hosted a booth at the Spirit of Change Expo in Marlboro, MA.  That experience was super fun because I was with other Nia teachers promoting Nia.  The workshops that we co-hosted at that time were to share Nia.  Truly, Nia has been a wonderful part of my healing journey, possibly one of my biggest gateways to healing. 


Over time, I felt that I needed to share my healing journey in a way that was more inclusive of other avenues that I have found immensely helpful.  Eventually, I was able to create and name Renew Body Sequence (TM) and with my RYT credential.  Now, I can share it in a safe, professional way, with full integrity to my truth. The past ten months I have been working hard with a fantastic business coach to create a safe, self-healing program that addresses the needs of so many people that I have talked with.  I have also worked with a copyright professional, an amazing graphic artist, and so many other friends, teachers and students who have helped me to "fine tune" this program and deliver this message in a powerful and supportive way.  Friday night, I was invited to share RBS with a group of beautiful people training to become yoga teachers.  One of the soon-to-be yoga teachers said, "That was who most healing savasana that I have very experienced in any yoga class ever."  She had even mentioned that her back was hurt at the beginning of class so she wasn't sure what she could do.  But, she was able to do the majority of the class, pausing only a little here or there (which I encourage all students to do if they are listening to their body's needs), and her back felt BETTER after class!  What a testimonial to how RBS can help heal us!


So many friends have been asking me, how did Sunday go?  And after a day to reflect and settle in, it was truly a success!  First off, I was happy the whole day - meeting new people, sharing my passion and purpose in the world, and feeling like so many people were helped in some way.  I had a great response to my RBS workshop where I shared phases 10, 11 & 12 of RBS - Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine & Blend of both.  I saw smiles on people's faces and I had people come up to me and with very positive feedback! 


One thing I learned from having a booth previously, is that it is a great place to share my talents as a numerology reader.  I had a steady stream of lovely people who came to me for numerology readings all day.  Truly this was a wonderful "kick-off" for Renew Body Sequence and the on-line program that I will be releasing soon. 


I am so grateful to everyone who has encouraged me to follow this massive dream and vision of mine over the past seven years.  I want to thank everyone who has shared with me how RBS has helped them to gain new body awareness that has shifted their health in positive ways.  I can't wait for the future of RBS - so much fabuliciousness to come!


PS - Tank tops and private RBS sessions (I will come to you within 45 miles of Auburn, MA) are now on my website.  You can get them HERE



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